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I will try to make this as noob friendly as possible, and explain everything as I go.

Step 1: The Email

[Image: RldN2p.png]

After you downloaded the program, open it up and you should see the builder. Input YOUR email username & password into the boxes. The reason we are doing this is because the keylogger will log INTO your email, then email yourself the logs. I recommend making a new email specifically for keylogging.

[Image: 1doho8.png]

Select what email provider you are using here. If you are using gmail, select the first provider, if you are using yahoo, select the second provider, if you are using hotmail or live, select the third option.
[Image: FXuN8y.png]

Input the subject of the message you will receive every time you receive a keylog. Most people put "Runescape Logger" or something similar.

[Image: BfqODP.png]

I recommend checking both of these boxes. The computer info will send the slave's IP address and their computer name. The screenshot will send a picture of the slave's screen whenever the log was sent.
[Image: vJK3FT.png]

This is the time in between the logs. I usually recommend 5-15 minutes.

At this point I suggest you click Test Email and make sure everything is working fine.


Step 2: The Icon

[Image: 900nct.png]
This is what the Icon of the output file will be. It will ONLY take in .ico's. If you do not have any, I suggest either downloading them online, or you can get some from this thread:

Some anti-viruses will detect an icon if it has been used before for malware, so I recommend getting some more obscure icons that have not been used before. After you locate the .ico it should appear in the box located to the right of the browse button.


Step 3: Options

Click the Extra Options Tab at the top of the builder.

[Image: PaVLpK.png]

The add to startup option will make the slave file go on startup on the slave's computer, so whenever he reboots his computer, he will become keylogged again. The melt option will make the file go hidden when it is first run. I usually recommend that you check both of them.

[Image: 9ON8ZI.png]

This option will allow you to display an error message when the file is first run by the slave. Common messages are "This file is not compatible with your computer."

[Image: BrHaGi.png]

The Use Downloader function will download and execute a file on the first run of the slave file. You can do this if you want it to execute many different viruses, its a better alternative to binding. Make sure you put a direct link to the file.

The Website Visitor function will automatically visit the website on run. It will pop up in the default web browser.

[Image: 5QkH5b.png]

I strongly recommend that you check both of these functions. They will decrease the detection rate and make your logger more secure from whalers. I also recommend that you click Generate Key a few times to get a unique key. This is generating an encryption key to keep all of your information secure.


Step 4: Assembly

Now click on the Assembly & Build Tab.

[Image: PyQ23Y.png]

Click the "Randomly Generate" button. Now you can change the assembly to whatever you want it to say. For example, if you want to disguise this as a runescape product, you should change the company to "Jagex LTD." and the Product to "Runescape" and the Copyright to "Jagex LTD. All Rights Reserved". I do not suggest changing the version and File Version.

Below is an example:
[Image: aMYtM8.png]

[Image: GAdQLx.png]

This is a file pumper, it will increase the size of the output file. You should keep this at 0 unless you want to increase the size of your slave file.


Step 5: Build

[Image: sHtgMl.png]

Change the File Name to whatever you are disguising the file as, for example you can change it to "Runescape Pin Generator". Now click build. Wait a bit and it should give you the following message:

[Image: s8xnTP.png]

All you have to do now is go to the folder where your builder is located and you should notice your slave file. You can send it to all your friends now! Remember, to tell which anti-viruses detect your file ONLY use Do not use ANY other site.


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