Saturday, 5 May 2012

[TUT] How to get free Steam Accounts [TUT]

Here is how to reverse hackers software and get access to all the accounts that hacker has scammed from users / viewers. Have you ever seen videos on Youtube where someone is advertising a special "Account Upgrader" or some "Free steam hack" software. And you simply just enter your users username and password and it will upgrade your account or give you free steams.

Well as you probably guessed this is a scam. But not all people know this, some people actually write their real username and passwords in these programs hoping that they'll get the upgrade or the free furniture.

What we are doing to day is hacking the hackers software and getting access to all his logs. This way we'll be able to see all the people that have entered their username and passwords into the hackers scamming program.


Red Gate's .Net Reflector

1. To begin simply download Red Gate's .Net Reflector by clicking HERE

2. Now we need to find our slave. Go to Youtube and search for something like "Steam Account Upgrade", "Free Steam Games", "Free Habbo Furniture", "Free Habbo" etc.
Note: You do not want to find a video with 100 000 views since someone already has done this method on it. Instead try to find a video with 1000-500 views.

3.Here is a example of a good slave.

[Image: 56177528.png]

4. Download his/her software.
Note: Some people not only scam the user but also infect the file so be careful and scan it with Virustotal before opening the file.

5. Now drag the file into Red Gate's Decompiler.

[Image: steamxm.jpg]

6. Now search around for the username and password of the email address that it will send the accounts to.

[Image: themuf.jpg]

Now this email will contain hundreds or thousands of steam accounts depending on how many views and downloads the scammer got.
Many of these accounts don't contain anything but some do (I've found accounts with 10 games installed and also many accounts that have been empty).

You just gotta be patient and try all the accounts until you hit the jackpot. Enjoy this simple Tutorial to get Steam , Thanks for reading....


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