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While PC system cleaners available tend to be more and more versatile, Cloud System Booster debuts as a handy, nice-looking, all-in-one, dedicated, downright pc system cleanup tool to stand out from others. Developed by Anvisoft Corporation, which is an up and coming team in IT security field in recent couple of years, Cloud System Booster is a nice bet 2012 to boost system performance meanwhile protecting privacy information online. Here we go for detailed review on this pc cleaning tool.

The current version of Cloud System Booster is 1.0.0 with a small size at 6.05 M. It applies to Windows XP/Vista/7, both 32-bit and 64-bit, with hardware requirements of 300 MHz processor or faster processor, 128 MB of RAM, 50 MB of free hard disk space. The installation is very quick and resolute, lasting in ten seconds, perhaps less.

What Can Cloud System Booster Do?

Cloud System Booster is claimed to be capable of boosting system performance in a fast smart way. Developed based on cloud technology, this pc cleanup utility is innovative and considerate with one-click solution and the so-called “Chameleon” skin personalizing feature. There are four modules packaged: Cleaner for junk files cleaning, Optimizer for optimizing system services, Repair for error fix or default settings restore as well as Application module for cleaning invalid files generated by the installed applications. Besides, Cloud System Booster takes the system restore point management, network proxy management as well as scheduled cleaning into consideration for convenient use.

Function Outline of Cloud System Booster

Cloud System Booster is believed to be a nice choice as system cleaning tool for both average users and experts.

1. Fix a slow PC. This can be fulfilled by clearing off junk files like temps, cache generated by both the OS and browsers to unleash more RAM memory, and by deleting invalid files, like cache, logs, etc generated by the installed applications to free up the disc space.

2. Protect your online privacy information. Cloud System booster could delete the browser cookies, history, etc to hinder the hacker sneak in and track the user’s personal information.

3. Make the computer faster. The slow pc will be run smooth with no junks out there. However it can be accelerated while starting and running. Cloud System Booster could get this down by optimizing the system services settings to speed up the startup as well as considerably improve the running speed.

4. Keep your computer from damages of possible harmful files. This case particularly applies to the registry errors or extension files. The Repair module of Cloud System Booster could just get this done and safeguard the computer against harmful files in this way. This is the very reason for recommendation of using Cloud System Booster for cleaning system after any virus removal process.

5. Do system restore with convenient. The system restores function with Windows system seems a daunting task sometime for common users. Then Cloud system booster makes it with a vivid restore point management and a few simple clicks: Settings->Restore tab-> select a particular restore point that is auto-created->OK.

6. Facilitate smooth use of specific application. In the fourth module of Cloud System Booster, almost all mainstream applications prevailing currently are included for cleanup in terms of cache, temps, history, update reports, logs etc. That is to say, you could use the application smoother after do the Boost cleaning with Cloud System Booster.

The last but not the least, you can do all the above said system improvement with the one-click solution of Cloud System Booster, which is called the Boost, see as the cloud-shaped boost button on the main screen. With the Boost solution, this pc cleanup software can not only full scan the slow system issues but also solve them all.

Cloud System Booster Style-the Spotlight Features

Forrest Gump has said a stupid should do as a stupid does although he did far more. Similarly, Cloud System Booster gets its own style with no compromise on efficient downright ‘stupid’s work, its cleaning job. This is perfectly embodied by the GUI design of Cloud System Booster, which eye-pleasingly accomplishes the art of personalized minimalism.

To mention the GUI design, also the interface appearance, Cloud System Booster plays its style to fullest by simple, clear, function-oriented visual design as well as the “Chameleon” feature, simply referring to custom skin changing design by just dragging whatever local picture you prefer to the Chameleon menu. Meanwhile, the classic black interface background by default is also an ideal presentation for either personal taste or visual function display.


Cloud System Booster would be the best bet 2012 for both enhanced system performance and personal taste, for either common people or IT experts. Concentrating on Windows system cleaning and optimizing only and working this to the best, this new PC cleanup tool 2012 would achieve its reputation worldwide soon or later with regard to its comprehensive, speedy, handy, downright cleaning performance as well as stylish, personalized appearance. You may just download its free edition here for a worthy try!

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