Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Google Hacking Database Updates


Since we took up the torch of the Google Hacking Database from Johnny Long, we have introduced some changes that we feel provides a great deal of added value to our database of dorks. To make it easier for our visitors to identify changes in the database, there is a ‘New’ graphic that will appear next to a category name where new entries have been added.

In addition, and most useful, is the introduction of a ‘Free text search’ capability that will allow our users to search within the text of each entry. You can also further narrow down your search to a specific category of dorks.

We felt that the addition of the GHDB to the Exploit Database was a great fit since we have a very large collection of web application exploits and proofs of concept, many of which include Google dorks in the text already. The challenge was to import all of our pre-existing entries into the GHDB which was not a task for the faint-hearted as it is a very time-consuming process. Fortunately, root-boy, a proud OSCP, volunteered to take on this daunting task for us and completed it far faster than we could have hoped for. A big thank you goes out to root-boy from the entire Exploit-DB team.

It is our hope that you enjoy our recent changes and additions to GHDB and we are welcoming further submissions beyond exploits. You can submit dorks either through our forums or to send them in via email, check out our submit page.

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