Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hey, this is a method which might come in handy for some of ya.

What you will do is execute a command on cmd (Windows Command Processor) that changes your password without typing in your current one first.

Okay, step 1: Fire up CMD. (Remember to run it as administrator or it won't work)

Type in:

net user
What this does is it executes a command that displays all the names of your windows accounts.

It'll look something like this:
[Image: Pic1forGuide.png]

Now, type in:
net user (account name here) *

What this does is it tells the computer that you want to change the password of that account.

It'll look like this:
[Image: Pic2forGuide.png]

After that just type in the new password, then press enter. Type it again, and tadaa!


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