Thursday, 3 May 2012

PenTest and Virtual Hack lab

[Image: penetrationtesting.jpg]

This Thread will expose you to different types of physical and virtual computer systems for a various degrees of needs. If it were to be for testing protocol analyzers,scanners,intrusion detection systems,penetration tools (including ethical/non ethical tools),studying certification studies,to R.A.T.s. Let be for helping you with certain techniques,testing how a program or exploit may work,deploying new software or solutions,analyzing new Internet worms and threats or testing one’s own exploits,viruses,codes and observe the results before using them in a real situation.To understanding how to attack and or defend a system or network.Your imagination is the limit to what you can do with a Test Lab. This keeps one from damaging the real network and systems, so if anything does go wrong, one can begin from first principles, without any consequences.
A Test Lab is usually an isolated part of one’s network. It includes servers, clients and devices with their services, to simulate a complete working network. These computers and networks can be completely simulated ones or every single node of this Test Lab can be an actual machine.The objective of this thread is to help one design one’s own Test Lab, install the required operating systems and devices, install required services and begin working on them. This way one can perform tasks mention earlier. This also is being used to help myself in this field. To better understand and explore the possibility. I do hope, in the end, this becomes the one place people go to for Lab info.
Lets Begin!

I stopped on the Distro listing. I am sure you get the hint.

Just so it is understood,it is your knowledge that makes you who you are. Not the Distro,OS,or the tools. I believe the more knowledge and information related to this field, the greater discoveries are made. Learn how it works and operates,and you will find the answers.
Any of this tools can go on the OS of your desire. Everyone has a preference. Find what works for you.

Pentest Labs

[Image: ACr3n]
(graphics done by the Graphic God himself Cains)

Metasploit Unleashed Windows XP
Download Info Back-up
Windozer Fresh VM Install
(no services installed)
Click on me for list (Click to Hide)
[Image: UrkKC]
3.1 Link Down
95 Download
98 Download
2000 Professional Download
Millenium Edition Download
Home edition SP1 Will upload a new one in the future. Last one became down
XP Professional Download
XP Professional SP2 Download
Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Download

[Image: CZJWI]
10.6.6 Download

Virtual Routers and Switches

Cisco Nexus 1000V Download here

Vyatta Live Virtual CD Download here

Vyatta Live CD Download here

Vm Image Mac spoofing without tools Click here

I am always looking for more ideas. So please,if there is something I missed,let me know. I do hope that this has and will continue to expand your knowledge of Pentest Labs as it has with me and will continue too.
I will be posting more lists as I find them. Until then, it is your ideas I am looking forward too.


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P.S This post is still under construction

A Thanks to everyone responsible for our new home

There maybe issues!! Mediafire IS CALLED TO TESTIFY IN THE NEXT 90 DAYS AND IT WILL OPEN DOORS. PRO FBI. (Posted on January 23ish 2012)
There may be problems with some of my downloads because of this shit. I will be renaming and reposting links in hopes to keep this up. If you have any better ideas,PM me. Until then,wish this thread luck.


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