Thursday, 12 April 2012

[TUT] How To Get An Account For Any Website! [TUT]

Go to

In the url/search bar, copy and paste all of the following.

Program: Url/Host: Login: Password: Computer: Date: IP:

Now lets say you want an account for facebook. so after the Url/Host you would write in the facebook website address, just like this:

Program: Url/Host: Login: Password: Computer: Date: IP:

Searching for this will show you dumps on the internet.

A dump is when someone takes all the accounts that they have hacked, and places them on a website so everyone can gain access to them.

You can use this to obtain accounts for any website, but the accounts won’t work all the time, because people may have already changed the login details, depending on how old the dump is.

You will not find logins for every website. For example, if you search for facebook accounts, you are bound to find a lot of them, but if you search for a website that isn’t popular at all, or doesn’t have many users, you probably will not find any dumps.

Hope this Helped.


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