Sunday, 25 March 2012

Scaring the living shit out of your slave :

1. Turn volume to 100%,and open this website (If the slave has a cam,be sure to watch them!) :

2. Disable the keybord,and give your slave a error like:
Cannot find a valid keybord driver,press F5 to restore.

3. Photoshop some of there photo's,so that are hidden ghost's or monsters in the background,put one of the photo's as background picture.

4. Download the sound of THIS movie,with a site like THIS , and play it at there Computer when they are doing homework or watching porn,etc etc.

Other/Misc pranks :

1. save THIS picture as there background.

2. Upload .txt files with funny text's like 'The akward moment when a computer hacker is uploading TXT files to your desktop' or something similair to that.

3 Make a screenshot of there background with icons etc,save it as background picture,and remove the startbutton,taskbar,and shortcuts/desktop icons.

4. A oldschool Saxroll or rickroll is awesome!
Try .

More will come soon!


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