Sunday, 13 November 2011

What is DOS?

DOS stands for Denial of Service, basically it overloads a IP with loads of useless junk eventually crashing the website.

Difference between DOS and DDOS?

DDOS Stands for Distributed denial of service, meaning it's the same thing but just spread out around different places, meaning multiple people doing it at once, meaning a higher chance for the IP to crash.

How to DOS websites or/and IP's?

What to download?

- (Main program)

- (Keep safe)

It is extremely simple. Download the 2 programs above.

The first program is called LOIC, (Low Orbit Ion Cannon).

The second program is to hide your IP, meaning you will never get caught for what you do.

How to use them?

1. Download Hide-my-Ip, then once done click on Hide My IP. Wait for it to complete.

2. Extract LOIC to a folder or desktop and run it. (NOTE: It may say that LOIC is a virus, It is not a virus).

3. Run LOIC and it'll come up with the program.

4. In the URL box put the website address of the website or the IP you want to target. Then click Lock on.

5. Under selected target, right of the Port. You'll see Method, Click method and click TCP, then change the thread to 1000 or higher. This emulates how many users are on the website, higher the thread, more likely it will crash/lag.

6. Make sure the slide bar is fully on the "faster" side and "Wait for reply" is checked.

7. Change the port if the website port is different. But usually it's 80.

8. Lastly click "IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER". You'll then see at the bottom lots of number will appear under "Requested", Requested means how many in total a download has been requested.

9. Leave it be for as long as you want. PS: It will complete lag your internet and the internet will be un-accessable while this is going on. Once stopped you'll have to wait 10-20 mins for the internet to turn back to normal

10. Congratulations! You have lagged/crashed your first website.

NOTE: I am not responsible for anything caused by you! Neither can I guarrantee that I even have this program or use it. Black Hat

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