Tuesday, 9 July 2013

PentesterLab is an easy and straight forwards way to learn the basics of penetration testing. It provides vulnerable systems in a virtual image, and accompanying exercises that can be used to test and understand vulnerabilities.

Just decide what course you want to follow, download the course and start learning. You can easily run the course using VMware, no Internet access is required.


What will you learn?

Basics of WebBasics of HTTPDetection of common web vulnerabilities:Cross-Site ScriptingSQL injectionsDirectory traversalCommand injectionCode injectionXML attacksLDAP attacksFile uploadBasics of fingerprinting


A computer with a virtualisation softwareA basic understanding of HTTPA basic understanding of PHPYes, that’s it!

You can download the materials and ISO images here:

web_for_pentester.pdf (2.4M)
web_for_pentester.iso (64-bit, 175M, MD5: f6e0df10de6d410293ba7a838d31f917)
web_for_pentester_i386.iso (32-bit, 172M, MD5: 5e6cdf5fa3356a4c08b34ccd076a63ae)

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