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Learn the Truth Using MSN Sniffer

MSN Spy and MSN Messenger Webcam Spy applications can be used to answer a number of important questions about a loved one’s computing activities, including: Who exactly is my loved one “chatting” with on the computer?What is your loved one saying in their IM’s to people in their social network?Who exactly is in your loved one’s online social circle?What is your loved one actually doing with their webcam?

One of the ways that MSN Sniffer helps answer questions about a loved one’s online activities is by monitoring and recording all incoming and outgoing Instant Messages, or IM’s. Instant messaging or “chatting” is one of the most popular forms of online communication and how most people meet on the Internet. Although it is common for people to try and erase their online communications by deleting IM’s, MSN Sniffer records these online messages before they can be deleted.

Using a webcam to send personal video messages is also very popular but more difficult to monitor than IM’s—unless you have MSN Messenger Webcam Spy. This powerful monitoring tool can remotely activate the “Recording” function on a webcam. With this feature, MSN Messenger Webcam Spy allows you to secretly record and later watch what your loved one is doing with their webcam.

Another popular form of online communication are VOIP’s, or phone calls made over the Internet using a service like Skype, MSN Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger. Unfortunately, these phone contacts will never be recorded on a traditional phone bill so there’s really no way of knowing who your loved one was talking to or for how long. With MSN Sniffer, you can secretly record all VOIP’s including Call Details so you can not only see who they are talking to—you can actually hear their conversations!

But to Get the “Truth”, You Need More than MSN Sniffer or MSN Messenger Webcam Spy

MSN Spy and MSN Messenger Webcam Spy applications are great tools for helping you monitor some of your loved one’s online communications. But in order to see exactly what websites they are visiting and what they are doing once they get to those sites, you will need a computer monitoring platform that includes the following features:

MSN SpyMSN Messenger Webcam SpyKeystroke LoggingAutomatic Screen Shots Taken Whenever New Website is Visited or a New Application is UsedMSN, Yahoo, and Skype Voice Call RecordingLocation Tracking (for laptops)

You can certainly learn the truth about some of your loved one’s online communications using monitoring applications like MSN Sniffer and MSN Messenger Webcam Spy. But if you want to monitor ALL online communications and computing activities, then you need to discreetly install comprehensive Desktop Monitoring Software that includes the features listed above.

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