Monday, 8 July 2013

How to set up a secure network

Whether it is home or small businesses, setting up a secure network will save you a lot of anxiety and time. There are a lot of advantages in setting up a secure network, for example, you can connect, share and access several electronic gadgets such as, computers, printers, scanners and the like. You have the option of Wireless or Wired networks and it depends on your budget and convenience. This article will guide you to set up your own secure network without having to hire a professional. In a network connection Network security is vital to protect your data. You can either purchase Network security software or download free Network security tools to safe guard your network from intruders.Planning is important before you start setting up. Fix the location, where you will be placing your equipments. Determine the number of gadgets you would want to connect and also make provisions for any additions in the future. Accordingly purchase the 802.11n router [apart from Wi-Fi it has 4 Ethernet ports], modem, Ethernet cables, connectors and fasteners. In case your gadgets are wi-fi enabled, you can avoid Ethernet cables and set up a wi-fi network.The next step is to run the cables. Connect the cables between the Ethernet ports of the router and cable/DSL modem. It is a common practice to run the cables either under the floor on the sides of the walls so that they don’t hinder movements. Connect the PCs and other equipments to the router using the Ethernet cables you just laid. Once you are done connect the power to modem and them to router. Let the diagnostics check on modem complete before switching on the router. You can now switch on your computer and test your network connection. If you have been already using internet connection, your system will automatically connect to the internet else you will have to set up as per the instructions of the service provider.With Ethernet connectivity, your router should automatically start working. However, you will have to install the software supplied to initialize the wireless functions if you are using Wi-fi connectivity.Protecting your network connection is the most important step of all. You can adjust the settings of the router through its administrative page using a browser by following the instructions in the manual. It is during this stage you will change the SSID and disable SSID broadcast setting. You can also enable the firewall on the wireless router. When it comes to network security, you can find numerous Network security tools available in the market. There are companies that provide free network security software in the internet. Utilize them and protect your network from intrusions. In case, you find the network jargons difficult, you can choose companies that supply kits according to your needs. While setting up your own network connection is easy, it indeed requires quiet an amount of physical labor. If you are not used to such hard tasks, it is worth hiring professionals who can do the job for you.

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