Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Step 1: Press the Menu Button

Step 2: Select the System settings option.

Step 3: In the following screen, make sure Wi-Fi is switched off. Wi-Fi and internet dongle cannot be operated simultaneously

Step 4: Now click on More option

Step 5: Now connect the USB Dongle to ME U1 in about 1-2 minutes, the signal strength indicator will show up (to the left of the battery status indicator as shown here).

Step 6: Now click on Mobile Networks option

Step 7: In the following screen ensure,
"Data enabled" option is switched on. If not, switch it on by selecting the same.

Step 8: Now, click on Access Point Names Option

In the following screen depending upon the USB Dongle connected if there is an existing APN settings available, the same will be shown in the list of APNs.
If no APN settings is shown then skip to Step 14

Step 9: To edit the existing APN click on the same ”.

Step 10:Enter data card specific Information in the fields provided – Appendix A below has this information for various commonly used dongles.

Step 11: Once you are done entering the data card specific information, press Menu button

Step 12: Select the Save option to save the entered settings

Step 13:
Now, you will see the APN you just created in the list of APNs as shown here. Select the radio button next to it to enable it. Once enabled, the radio button will go green as shown here.
Now skip to Step 17.

Step 14: If no APN settings is shown then click the MENU button

Step 15: Select “New APN

Step 16: Please follow Steps 10-13

Step 17:About 1-2 minute's time after the APN is enabled, the status bar will show the 3G logo as shown here. This indicates that the internet connection has been successfully established.

Your ME X1 tablet is now connected to the internet.

Appendix A
For details regarding APN settings details for various Internet Service Providers in India please refer below
Appendix B
For the list of supported USB dongles for HCL ME U1 Tab


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