Friday, 20 July 2012

PortForward without router access!

( I'll be showing you TWO methods. )

First method ( UPnP port mapper )

About UPnP PortMapper

1. Download UPnP Portmapper Here
UPnP PortMapper requires Java SE Runtime Environment You can get from

2. Open the program and click " Connect "
[Image: C4HJj.png?1]
It will look for your port mappings.

3. Once it connected click " Create " on the right side
[Image: Ffjnq.png?1]

4. Now click " Add " and add your PF
[Image: gsr7n.png]

5. Click " Save " and then " Use"
[Image: 9Fs86.png]

You have successfully PF'd.

Second method ( Through network connection settings )

1. Go to: Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.
[Image: bmv42.png]

2. Click on: Manage Network Connections -> Right-click on Local Area Connection -> Properties
[Image: dhPmi.png]

3. Click on: Sharing -> Check Allow other network users to connect... and Allow other network users to control... boxes -> Settings -> Add a name -> Add your IP -> Then the port you want to open.

[Image: DpShf.jpg]

Once you've done either methods check if the port opened with PF checker. Can be found Here


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