Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hello there, if you're like me then you have/had the same problem I did before. I could never get port forwarding to work on my Belkin Router, until i fixed it just by dong this.
First, in your Address Bar, type "http://router"
[Image: wV9Ql.png]

It will take you to this page below. Click "Login" , enter your password, and then we can get started.

[Image: jkvGy.png]
under the tab "Internet WAN" click on 'Connection Type'.
It will take you to this
[Image: b8XJf.png]
Now by default your router is set to "Dynamic" connection. It will still let you connect to the internet even if it's not your connection type. But it does block port forwarding from working which is the problem for almost everyone trying to do this. If your connection type is Dynamic then you should be able to port forward. If your not sure , you have to contact your ISP (AT&T, Comcast, Charter,etc) and find out which one it is. Sorry if you don't want to, I can't tell from my computer what connection type you have.
Once you found out what type it is and you re-entered all the Connection details you can finally port forward Successfully


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