Friday, 13 April 2012

1. Go here : Here is Link
Then fill out the form like this, put all fake info. Nothing needs to be legit. Once you hit submit the code is given to you so you do not need to put legit information.
Form Should Look Like This:
[Image: screenshot20110329at546.png]
2. Now for this password it will keep failing because it is not secure, so you this as the password.
Password: Password1!
The PW must be 10 characters, have One CAPS letter, a Number, and a special character like these : !@#$%&*.
For quick results just use the example PW I provided.
Press submit and you should see this:
[Image: screenshot20110329at547n.png]
Note that code in the picture is up grabs: )

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  1. It does not work for me can you pm me a code at