Wednesday, 4 April 2012

[NOOB FRIENDLY] Project Neptune Keylogger [TUT]

Project neptune is a very useful keylogger and has a lot of ways that you can customize your server. IMO it is one of the most useful (Free) Keyloggers out there.

Step 1.
Download Skyneos Keylogger
Project Neptune Website
This step is pretty self explanitory, just do what it shows in the picture.

[Image: a0Hau.png]

Step 2.
Create a Gmail Account
Go here to create one:
And then click on the "Create An Account" button.

[Image: lROLG.png]

Or if you already have an account then you can skip this step.

Step 3.
Open the program
Double click on the program where you downloaded it.

[Image: pBueX.png]

Step 4.
Once you are in check the button that says "Use Email for Storing Logs"
Then change the ammount of time the keylogger sends logs.
I would suggest making it higher than 20 minutes if you have a lot of slaves.
Keep the boxes checked that say "Delete Last Key On Backspace", "Capslock and Shift Capitilzation", "Log All Text on the Clipboard", or "Log All System Information/Specs"
Also don't do anything with the spaces that say "Header on Left Log Window Title" and "Header on Right Log Window Title"
In the Email settings tab keep the " and the port number.
Where it says "Email to Send Keystorke Logs" put your email in that box
and in the box under that put the password to your email.
If you want you can change what email it send the logs too, but otherwise use the same email that you put above.
Then, Click Test Email Account Information, and if you get an email saying that it works, then you can move onto the next step.

[Image: NOWBq.png]

Step 5.
System Wide
Keep all the settings the same, unless you want to disable task manager or block websites. But to keep the suspicion level low I would keep the settings the same.

[Image: VRUtW.png]

Step 6.
Go to the installation tab and check the first box in "Startup Settings"
Then Choose a place to install in the Installation Directory.
In the Installation Directory I would put it in the "System Files Folder" or the "Operating Windows Files Folder"
Then Where it says Origional File Check "Do Nothing WIth Origional File After Install" to keep suspicion level low.
If you want File downloading enabled then type in the link of your exe or other file, but if not then do nothing with this box.

[Image: XrZJM.png]

Step 7.
Extra Options
When you are in this tab I would keep everything the same, unless you want a fake error, but you won't need a fake error if you are binding this with another program.

[Image: yInWO.png]

Step 8.
Server Creation
In the server settings I would recommend putting something here if you want to make it less suspicious. Put something that would make it look like the origional program. Like "Halo Cracked" or "Black Ops Aimbot", something like that.
Don't check "Copy File's Creation Date" or "Use File Icon" unless you have the premium version.
In the file pumping section I would increase it by 1000+ kb to make it less suspicious.
In the server generation tab, where it says "Mutual Exclusion (Mutex) String" after that hit the refresh button.
There it says automated cure password you can use the refresh button or you can type in a password of your choice.
Then, keep the process name as "iexplorer.exe"
Then hit the Generate New Server button and it will create a server for you.

[Image: f6ZKv.png]

Step 9.
File Binding
Click on the file binder tab.
Then right click in the open space and click add file and add your keylogger to the list.
Do the same thing for the program you want to bind this with.

[Image: rQ98P.png]

Step 10.

Three Good Ways To Spread:

1. Youtube
Make a Youtube video and then post the link to your file in the description.


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