Friday, 13 April 2012

How To Scam Microsoft Points

This Works Best on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
I Have made 7500ms points by doing this (In Oceania we have 1500 & 3000 microsoft point cards not 1600)

First things First

You need an account that is 10th Prestige and it helps to have a few friends that are level 70 in ay prestige
With your friends, Each search in different Game types and when you have a full recent players list send a Message to them all saying something along the lines of
'Hosting a 10th Prestige lobby, All titles emblems challenges and attachments message back for prices and more details.'
Keep searching untill you have at least 10 replies saying 'How much' or 'Im interested'

When people have replied Invite them into a party that has you and some loyal friends in.

tell them,
It is a 10th prestige lobby it's 1500msp for you and 2 friends so thats 500msp each or $25 paypal, with this you get all challenges all titles and emblems colored custom class names and even IW,FUCK clan tags.
Sometimes they will ask if you can do it for free, tell them that if they find someone that will pay you then they can get into the lobby as well
even with your friends searching for payers it can sometimes take up to 2 hours to find 3 people that will pay you microsoft points
If you don't have as many people as you would like paying, Tell them that you will be hosting tomorrow because you havn't been able to buy a KV yet but you should be able to get one for tomorrow
Just repeat the previous steps untill you have enough players.
Note you can Host up to 18 People in your lobby (but minus you and your 'co host' you have 16 spots left and each person gets to bring in 2-4 friends)

Questions people Will/Might Ask you

Q:What Type of JTag do you have?

A:Xenon (pronounced Zee non)

Q: What type of KV Does it take?

A:Type 1 or 2

Q:What type of Freeboot do you Have?

A: I don't run free boot, I use a Paid booter (I am Still working on this answer because i have not scammed in a while and i'm pretty sure freeboot does not work with all the updates)

Most answers can be found by googleing anyway

Not Perfect I know and maybe a little hard to understand But i will Keep updating this guide


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