Friday, 13 April 2012

How to Play your xbox through your laptop

Purchase and install a video capture card on your laptop. Video capture cards are designed so users can input signals typically used for TV connections on their laptops; in this case, you'll connect your Xbox 360's video outputs to your computer.

2 )
Install any drivers that came with the video capture card. These drivers should be downloadable from the manufacturer's website and on an installation disc that came with the card.

3 )
Connect your Xbox 360 to the video capture card in the same way you would connect it to a TV or monitor. Connect the component or HD plugs to your Xbox 360, then connect the inputs to your video capture card.

4 )
Turn on your computer. Start the multimedia program used by your video capture card--likely Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

5 )
Turn on the Xbox 360. If connected properly, the Xbox 360's video output should appear on your laptop


Computer monitors typically offer higher resolutions than large tube-based TVs. If you're having trouble reading text in your Xbox 360 games, reduce the resolution of your display in the Control Panel.


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