Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Things you will need :-

1. Miranda IM
2. Facebook Account

Now Just Follow the instructions...

1. Download Miranda from the link I gave before and run it.

2. After installing Open Accounts from Menu.

3. Click the [+] button as shown in the picture.
[Image: 54993129.png]

4. Now, In "Enter Account Name" fill your "Desired Name" OR "Facebook"
and Select "Jabber" Protocol and click OK as shown in the pic.
[Image: 31521557.png]

5. After that Double Click the Username OR the name you used Before as shown...

[Image: 61078036.png]

6. Then put your facebook username & password as shown in the pic...

[Image: 94256531.png]

7. Now go to this link and download the file.

8. Extract that file to anywhere and copy all the contents from the file and paste it to
Quote:C:\Program Files\Miranda IM\Plugins\


Where you installed Miranda IM

9. Now all you need to do is Run Miranda IM..!! Enjoy..! Victoire Thumbsup Superman Yeye


~You can edit options in Menu>Options>Plugins>Alicebot .

~You can also download more Plugins at This Link .


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