Monday, 12 December 2011

To do this hack, you need a FireFox add-on called “Tamper Data”. Get it here:

1. Download and install Tamper Data.

2. Use Google to find sites that take Paypal as payment.

3. Find something that you are interested in. (Paying for scripts seems safest)

4. Click add to cart

5. Continue to checkout

6. Right before you click the button to be forwarded to Paypal for payment, turn on Tamper Data in the Tools section of FireFox.

7. Every time the site tries to store something, Tamper Data pops up and asks what you want to do. Being very careful, glance down and look for the price of the item, if it’s not there, then click ok; If it is then select the price and change it to what you want to pay. Then click ok.

8. Once Paypal has loaded, turn Tamper Data off by clicking stop tamper.

9. Notice Paypal now charges you whatever price you entered earlier.

Additional Notes:

- Instead of setting the price to $0.01, set it to 1% of the actual price. This way if the shopkeeper does a quick glance at his Paypal account, he will see $1.50 and may (provided it’s a quick glance) think it’s the correct amount- $150. It’s human nature to speed things up and if the owner sees the order has been paid for in PayPal, most will automatically assume it’s correct.

- In the chance that you do get caught this tactic of moving the decimal place also can help the store owner believe the messed up payment is due to a computer problem rather than hacking.


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