Tuesday, 22 November 2011

[TUT]Ultimate cracking guide, MUST read!

1) The first thing you need to do is find some good working proxies. To do that we first need Proxyfinder Enterprise.


Press find, it will take about 20 seconds to have a good list of proxies. After that press save and save the list were you want.

2) Now we have a huge proxy list we need to check which proxies are anonymous and which are transparent.

[Image: 2czyej7.jpg]

Press "load" to load up the proxies(The list you saved just a second ago).
When the list is all loaded up press start and just let the program run.
When it's ready press "Save" and save to list were ever you want.

3) Now we need to check it with a better program (The reason to do this is because Proxy Checker does show some proxies that are transparent as anonymous. And Charon is a very slow program. So to check it as fast and good as possible this is the best method!

[Image: 2q08wth.jpg]

Start up Charon and press "Connect Options" on the left. Make sure your settings are the same as shown in the picture above.

[Image: 2vjsnc7.jpg]

Then press "Judge Options" under "Connect Options". Press "Test judges" and wait till it's finished. We then need to select 1 or 2 of the best judges. The lower the ping the better. Select the best judge(s). Right click and press "Move judge to selected list". Then remove the old default judge. Just by clicking on it and then press the delete button.
Now we are all set to go check the proxies. Go back to the main page of Charon and press on the left side "Check proxies" and then select the option: "Check anonymity of all proxies". You now need to wait a long time for Charon to check all the proxies. When Charon is finished checking the proxies press cntr+a to select all the proxies and then press the right mouse button and press "Delete" and then "Delete all apart from good, anonymous proxies (and working socks)". The last step is to save the list by just clicking the disk icon left under quick options and save it where ever you like.

4) We now need a good word list.


We use a program called Athena II. It is a very simple program. The only thing you need to do is press "start" and at least let in run for 20 minutes or so (the longer you run it the more combo's you get so i advice to let it run a bit longer). It doesn't stop automatically so you need to stop it yourself.
When you stop it you see a few files in the folder you put Athena II in.
Combos.txt = A file with all the combos (Username:password combinations).
Logfile.txt = Useless
Logins.txt = All the combos (in this form http://username:password@sitename.com)
You can use the combos.txt as your combo list but if you want to have the combos for just a specific site you could take them from the Logins.txt. We need to use another program for that.

5) We need to use Raptor 3 to get the combos from the Logins.txt for a specific site or to split the list into a password list and a username list.

[Image: 2ljl4jb.jpg]

Open Raptor 3 and click open the combo list on the top left side. Go to filters and click on "Custom filters". Right click in the window and select "Add". If you only want for example bangbros make sure the options are as in the picture.

[Image: 105y593.jpg]

Filter name = Just the name, doesn't really mater just to make it easy to see which filter it is.
Action = What to do with the text that has the word in it.
Filter Subject = Were is the word that you want to do something with. In the password in the username etc.
Condition = Does it has the word or is it the word.
What = The word that you are looking for.
Ignore case = speaks for itself.

After this press "Filter". Now save this file where ever you want to. Go to "Generators" and press "Pass leecher". Right click in the window and press "Add file". Open the file you just saved and press "Leech". Congratulations you now have a combo list for only the site you wanted! Now go back to tools and press "Remove Duplicates" and rite after that again "Remove Duplicates". If you want to separate the usernames and password you can press "List tools". It is in the toolbar above. And press "Make Single List" and then press "Make two lists". Now just save the username list and the password list.

6) Now we just need to start cracking!

There are a lot of programs that you can use to crack for example: C-force, Access Diver, Apex, Sentry etc.
In this tutorial i will only show Acces Diver. (For this bit i use a few pictures i found on the net , hope you guys don't mind;))

[Image: 3450c92.jpg]

Open up Acces Diver and put my skill level to Expert.

[Image: fnthcp.jpg]

Press on the button that says "Settings" and put your settings the same as in the picture above.

[Image: ve0l0p.jpg]

Now press the button that says "Proxy" and load up your proxy list by pressing the icon were the arrow is pointing at. You don't need to press the Speed/Accuracy test button because the tester in Access Diver is crap.

[Image: 28cm2xg.jpg]

Now click on the button that says "Dictionary" then Press "Load a combo file" or you can put in your username and password list by pressing the icons under "username list" and "password list"
Now we need the url from the site you are trying to crack.
This is just a small lists of sites. Google around a bit and you will find what you are looking for.

[Image: ot3ne0.jpg]

Now insert the url of the site you want to crack. You can see in the picture were. The only thing you now have to do is press "Test Basic-authentication" and wait for a while.


When you have cracked a few accounts you can press the tap that's says "History" to see the accounts you have cracked. Congratulations you can now crack porn! and other sites!

Thanks a lot for reading this tutorial! I put a lot of time and effort in this tutorial. So i hope i get some positive reactions.


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