Tuesday, 29 November 2011

== How To Install BackTrack OS ==

Step 1. Downloading Backtrack
Download this ISO . (This is the Backtrack Operative System)

Step 2. Recording the Backtrack OS Into a DVD .

The .iso you downloaded, is the Backtrack Operative System. You have to record it into a DVD.

To do so;
Download .iso Burner:

Install .iso Burner, and Open it.

Now, click (...)
Select the .iso File
Insert the DVD and Press BURN .

Step 3. BIOS Config and DVD Boot

[Now, we want our PC to start from the Backtrack DVD (The one we recorded in Step 2) We need to set up our BIOS to start from CD and NOT from Hard Drive.]

To set your BIOS to start from cd/dvd:

Reboot your PC, at very first, (When the brand of your motherboard appears) Press F2 (It can be different , but its mostly F2) .

Search for Boot somewhere in your BIOS Settings.
[Image: boot-pri_thumb.jpg]

CD-DVD ROM, should be your 1st Boot Device.

Save your new settings, and close your BIOS.

Step 4. Booting Backtrack

Open your CD/DVD Tray and insert the DVD where you recorded the BackTrack.iso .

Backtrack should start booting.
[Image: backtrack4-boot.jpg]

Step 5. Partitioning the Hard Drive 1

With Backtrack Running,
Press the Home Button > Backtrack > Misc > QTParted
[Image: romper31tx.jpg]

Step 6. Partitioning the Hard Drive 2

QTParted should be open.

On Disks,
Right click on your Hard Drive and press "Make a new Partition Table"
[Image: tut2f.jpg]

A new dialog will appear, just click Yes .
[Image: romper103vu.jpg]

Right click your CURRENT Hard Drive and press Create.
[Image: romper11111110lx.jpg]

A new window should open. Settings should be:
Create as: Primary Partition
Partition Type: ext2
Size: Whatever you feel like. (I suggest at least 4GB)

[Image: romper114wl.jpg]

Then, press OK.

This should be enough to install Backtrack.

Step 7. Installing Backtrack 1

Next to the Home icon, we have a Shell, or Terminal Icon; Press it.

With "Shell" open, type this:
ls /mnt
------------ [floppy drives, hd, cd etc. should appear there...]
mkdir /mnt/hda1
mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda1

[Image: romper157bp.jpg]

Step 8. Installing Backtrack 2

Click "Home" > System > Backtrack Installer
[Image: romper187zw.jpg]

A new windows should be open.

Settings should be:

Source; /boot
Install BackTrack; /mnt/hda1
Write MBR to; /dev/hda
[Image: romper61kr.jpg]

And press Install .

That should be everything :) .

Sorry for my spelling, my main lang is spanish.
This is my first tutorial , I hope its useful .


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