Monday, 28 November 2011

Mange IRC Bot [TUT]

Oh, I cannot vouch if the builder is backdoored or not, but the source is there aswell, so go ahead. (I recommend running it in SandBoxie though).

When you have opened the builder, you will see in the left corner of the application (File - Options - Setting's)
Left click File, and you will see this:
[Image: aA6qS.png]

It asks you to put in DNS/IP, so put in your IRC Server IP or DNS.
So just put whatever you manage to connect to your IRC server with.

As for the nickname this is CASE-SENSITIVE so the nick you put there must be used at all times.
So lets say you choose the nick Hackforums you have to use Hackforums at all times in order to operate the bot installed on your victims computers. You need every letter right.

Now onto the next step, we are gonna change the settings for the bot:

[Image: iifre.png]

Mutex: This will automatically change itself when you build it, leave it as it is.

Port: The port you connect to your IRC Server on. 6667 is the most common one so I am using it. I am pretty sure you could use SSL aswell, so try put your SSL port in there if you feel like.

Prefix: Prefix that triggers the command for your bots.
Lets say I were to SSYN Flood, and the prefix I have put in the picture is an AT-sign "@", I must use @ssyn (IP) (port) (time in seconds)
You can change this prefix by adding whatever you like, but @ and ! would be the easiest ones to avoid confusion.

Install name: Self explanatory.

Channel: The channel your bots connect to.
E.g #Lobby, then it will join #Lobby. If it is a key required to enter the channel put it in the next box. E.g 123.

Antis: Just anti-Sandboxie etc, meaning if someone is to try run the file in Sandboxie it won't.

Excuse me if you do not understand my English, as it is not my primary language.

Thanks, no hating plox, only for those people that are looking for an easy and free IRC Bot.

download from here


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