Friday, 18 November 2011

[ Java Drive-by Tutorial ]

[What you will need] [Java Applet]
● Your infected file.
● Fileave Account.

[Uploading the files/Editing]

The files that I provided in the .zip are:

[Image: filesneeded.png]

These files above need to be uploaded to, so here is what you need to go do now.

Log in to your account at, and press the 'Upload' button located here:

[Image: whattopress.png]

[*] Upload all the files within the Java folder.

Under 'Files' it should now look something like this:

[Image: replacement1.png]

[Attaching your infected file]

Upload your infected file to
Note: If it is not crypted, get it crypted.
Recommended Crypter:

Now that your infected file is uploaded, your list should now look something like this:

[Image: replacement2.png][
My infected file is outlined in red.

Notice the Direct Link located here:

[Image: replacement3.png]
Example: [Direct Link]

Copy+paste your direct link, you are going to be needing it very shortly.

Now, what you are going to need to do,

Stay in the files section of the website, but press the edit button on index2. Indicated below:

[Image: index2s.png]

Once you are in the edit menu, you need to take your Direct link that I told you to copy+paste earlier, and put it in these places:

[Image: info1d.png]


[Image: info2y.png]

[Final Touches]

The Link that is used for infecting is the link for index.
[Image: indexsz.png]

Now that you have successfully set up a Java drive-by, you are going to need to do some things to make it more belivable.

Go to ''

And fill in as such:

[Image: dottk2.png]

From there, you are going to shorten the link from:


To something like


Making it more believable and what not(:


-- Warning --
Java Drive-by's are becoming more noticable by AV's nowadays.

Virus scan:


Don't think Java drive-by's are for you?


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