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Do you really want to be a Hacker?

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Do you really want to be a hacker? It's a lot of work, are you sure? It's a HUGE time commitment. Are you ready for this? Well, I will tell you if you are. To really become a hacker you have to have many qualities that will help you through your journey, if you don't have these you need to develop them before you do. No this isn't going to be some giant thread like Eminent's, and I am not a hacker yet, but I know how to become one and I am sick of skiddies coming in here and calling themselves hackers. So on that note lets start.

And don't think this is all, there are many more.
  • You need to be MATURE
    There is an age limit on Hackforums and for good reason. I wish I had even the Maturity of a 13 year old (which is usually not much) when I first started.
  • You need to be DEVOTED
    Your hacking journey will not be easy, and I promise you, you will want to quit.
  • You need to PERSEVERE
    Like said above this isn't going to be easy, there will be sometimes when you feel like picking up your piece of crap computer and throwing it at a wall.
  • You need to be LOYAL
    All hackers go by A manifesto. Read it, reflect upon it, follow it.
  • And you need to be MOTIVATED
    You need a motivation, bottom line. Is this a hobby? a Job? or are you doing this for another reason. I find too many people come here saying " I want to hack a bullies Facebook" or "I want to play tricks on my friends". All these people are going to do is troll the internet for targets and be the exact definition of a skid. Your real motivation has to be that you want to either do this for a job or you want to do this because you love hacking and you feel the inspiration of "The Hackers Manifesto".


Many people only have three categories. Skid, Intermediate, and Elite. I believe this is unfair. There should be one more category, and I believe it is to be called "Apprentice". The reason I make this category is that the word skid implies what I described earlier and how Urban dictionary describes all of us "mentally challenged, yet spoiled adolescents that want to hack the gibson. They believe mybb reputation, and 30$ premium account is vital in order to become a true haxx0r". This is not how we all start out, some people start out well, with the right morals. That is why I propose "Apprentice". This term will be used to describe someone who acts maturely and is honorable in his/her ignorance. They are not proud, they know what they know, and they know very little. But they are willing to learn. This is what every starter should be like, and this is why I made this thread. Now for the actual definitions.

This is the lowest level of hacking life. They troll the internet looking for easy targets, spam emails and spread in anyway humanly possible. Skids are looking for bragging rights and revenge. If you are one of these, be honest with yourself. Determine if you want to change. Do you? If you don't take your GUI RATS and giant emails lists elsewhere, your not wanted here.

I chose the name "Apprentice" because of the Jedi Apprentice series I read a long time ago. Apprentices where displayed in that book as humble students of the master Jedi. But they didn't always learn from the masters, sometimes the masters made the students teach themselves. If you are an "Apprentice" then you need to have the willingness to learn from others along with the ability to teach yourself. Admit it to yourself, you know nothing. Nothing compared to the vastness of this field. Nothing. Keep that in mind until you fulfill the requirements for "Intermediate"

This is when you start to get good. You know your Operating system, and perhaps the basics of one you don't use. You are knowledgeable in some subjects, but still a noob in other areas. Intermediates know at least one scripting language and know the basics of another. They usually have good grammar, know basic hacking, exploiting techniques and a basic knowledge of networking. But this doesn't mean your a boss, you still know very little and most people are in this category for many many years before they achieve the next stage, the coveted "Elite".

The masters. The best of hacking. They know multiple languages and can script them almost fluently. They have an in depth knowledge of
Hacking, Web Mastering, Software engineering, Social engineering, Anonymity, Troubleshooting, and much more. They are the people who make the GUI'ed programs that the skids use. They are the masters, and what every good "Intermediate" and "Apprentice" aspire to be.

How to Start

So you have decided to take on this journey to become a hacker have you? You want to know where to start? I am no official on this, but I believe this is the best method.

  1. HTML
    I would start out by learning HTML, or at least the basics of it. W3schools and are great resources for this. The reason I say HTML is because this will give you an intro to coding syntax and also it will give you a boost start because it is so easy to learn and its results can be really cool.

  2. Networking/Computer skills
    You must understand how networking and the internet works before you move on to anything great. Learn basic networking and you way around your OS of choice then move on to the next step

  3. Python/
    These are a little different than HTML because they are scripting languages. Not web development. I would recommend Python because it is very powerful and very easy. is also an option because it is very easy and very useful. For example, is used to code some of the best programs on HF, but Python is a language that you can get a job scripting. Its up to you, I chose Python and I love it.

  4. Expertise
    From here on I would pick your expertise. If you have fallen in love with scripting, learn another language. If you love web development, pick up some graphic design skills or learn Php. If you just want to RAT, script your own RAT and do it! Pick one thing and get really good at it. This step will take a while...

  5. For later years
    You should have been at hacking for about 3-4 years now. You know your way around this forum and what is expected of you, if you are coming back to this thread after 3 years, then there is something wrong with you. Go, become an "Elite", study everything. You have come this far, don't turn back now.


I wish you luck. Many of you will not make it. It is a hard road, but a rewarding one. I am begging all of you beginners who have just read this thread, listen to someone who wishes he would have started this way. Its better. And after all of this, I take it back, none of this will make you a hacker. Only the right attitude will, if you can say that you are ignorant of many things in this field, if you admit to ignorance and try to change it, then you have the right attitude. You then have the ability to say along with many other hackers at the end of the Manifesto, "I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto".


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